Workshop on Gender Responsive Guideline for DPP

A Study on Review of Current Practices in Uses of Gender Responsive Guideline for DPP: Lessons Learned and Way Forward

National Resilience Program (NRP), a joint initiative by Government of Bangladesh, two development partners and three UN agencies with the priority concern of progress towards gender equality aims to sustain the resilience of human and economic development in Bangladesh through risk informed, disability inclusive and gender-responsive disaster management in the public and private sectors. NRP targets to ensure gender equality and empowerment of women and girls by mainstreaming these aspects throughout the program for its overall gender responsiveness. One of the main objectives of Programming Division, part of the NRP is to improve capacities for gender-responsive and risk informed development planning. NRP has been supporting Programming division, Planning Commission towards the proper and effective use of the Gender Responsive Guideline 2009. To pursue this goal, reviewing various Development Project Proposals (DPPs) in light of the Gender Responsive Development Guideline 2009 has been suggested by the preliminary review. Hence,  the  structured and systematic review will be assisting in making suggestions regarding the scope of improvement of the currently being implemented DPPs and a  methodology towards the betterment of Gender Responsive Development Guideline 2009 if applicable. Therefore an external consultant has been contracted to lead the process of reviewing of the DPPs in use and to consult with the key stakeholders including relevant ministry representatives and contributors to the current Gender Responsive Development Guideline 2009, to understand and recommend how current DPPs can be upgraded and revision of the gender responsive guideline can be done in a constructive manner in case of necessity.

In 11th January, 2021, Stakeholders from different wings of Planning Commission, different Ministries and Departments and different  UN organizations assembled for the “Workshop on revision of Gender Responsive Guideline for Design and Review of Development Projects 2009” at NEC Committee Room-1, Planning Commission.

Chief guest of the event Mr. Md. Ashadul Islam, Senior Secretary, Planning Division inaugurated the workshop. Dr. Md. Mokhlesur Rahman, National Consultant of UN Women  presented a comprehensive presentation on “Gaps and Effectiveness of Gender Responsive Guideline for Development Projects” identified from the on-going study. The critical findings and analysis of the study were well-received by the participants and they engaged in a reflective discussion. The workshop provided way forward to improve the existing gender responsive guideline 2009 and incorporate gender issues in Development Project Proposals practically.