Enumerators Training

It has been an unsettling time for the people of Bangladesh. Covid-19 has heavily impacted our lives. However, we see some resilience in the performance of the Bangladesh economy and it has been attained with a significant contribution through rural development.

In these rapidly changing times, we believe identifying appropriate interventions is key to supporting people in need. CRD has been supporting different development agencies in conducting needs assessments. At the same time, we also believe learning is an instrumental element in improving program effectiveness. Therefore, by applying scientific tools and techniques, CRD helps its clients to know the level of impact that has been achieved by their interventions.

Meanwhile, CRD has supported a number of leading INGOs, UN Organizations, and important Ministries and Departments of the Government of Bangladesh in carrying out research, evaluation, needs assessment, and system design.

At CRD, we aim to continue increasing our practical ability to generate results and evidence together as we share the challenges of transformative change with clients on a global scale.